Monday, February 16, 2009


Hiya, folks. Welcome to the Retro Gamer's Treasure Trove. I'm not sure how you actually managed to stumble across this blog but welcome.

The purpose of this blog, like many others out there, is to catalog the various retro games I have played over the years. All the games I write about must have been played recently and enough to form a proper and concise opinion on the subject. Keep in mind that these are not to be taken as reviews, but rambling discussions of a game. That of course will include whether the game is playable or enjoyable, but other things may come in as well.

Many of the games I play, I will endeavor to experience on the original system that they were designed for, but if that is not possible and they are available, I will not hesitate to play the game on Nintendo's Virtual Console. My personal goal is to use this as a way to refine my writing and to discover rare gems that I overlooked in years past. However, that does not mean I will skip the big titles, as will be evident by the first game I discuss.

I hope you enjoy your stay. This is the Retro Gamer, and I'm on the hunt.


  1. Your articles are quite good!
    Wonderful work!

  2. Damn, this is awesome. Good to hear that you've started this sort of project, Crow. I've played King of Dragons and Chrono Trigger; I'll try out Super Turrican and Gunforce so that I can comment on those blogs, too.

    Could you do an article for Chronicle of the Radia War? I don't think you're into roms much, but you could make this the one exception. It's a NES RPG that's rather ahead of its time (1991), and I think it's an important game (Despite its obscurity) for being such a true retro treasure.

    By the way, have you shown Fa-chan this page yet? I'm curious what she thinks.